0.0.6a Update Summary


  • New hat: Chef
  • Added accuracy indicator to musket
  • Can no longer switch abilities while casting current ability
  • Escape key returns to the previous menu
  • Points lost for suicide
  • Added map and game mode options to the main lobby with map thumbnail
  • All players must be ready before starting a game
  • Options menu with fullscreen & vsync options
  • Holding down the musket fire button will zoom out the camera
  • Updated game end screen, automatically returns players to the lobby


  • Fixed Strength and Defence points not affecting damage
  • Fixed bug causing infinite jellies to spawn in the main menu
  • Smoother transitions between lobby and main menu
  • Ability targets are affected by lighting
  • Added close button to Host Game window


  • Increased cost and accuracy of musket
  • Camera is slightly more zoomed out
  • Increased knockback from crossbow
  • Increased damage of long bow


jelly-arena-win-latest.zip 74 MB
Version 0.0.6a Aug 10, 2017

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