0.1.5b Update Summary


  • The practice duellist outside each tavern patrols the area instead of standing still
  • Added new experimental fretboard input method (QWERT to select string and mouse clicks or up/down arrows to pluck) - set 'Fretboard Input' in options menu to 2


  • Fixed bug where the inn owner in Ashmar had no dialogue line
  • Fixed bug where character would still have note + lute particles after finishing a song
  • Fixed bug where combatant's health would stay at 0 after a duel
  • Fixed bug where gold and adoration wouldn't be given to the player after a duel
  • Fixed mirror reflection wrong direction during character creation
  • Fixed bug where character's would not be animated while walking

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I reported these 2 days ago and they're already fixed! Hats off to luteherodev!