Current State of Lute Hero Development

As Lute Hero is nearing the end of it's beta stage, I want to give an overview of the state of development, how far it has come and what is planned for the future.

Major Features

Lute Hero is a combination of RPG and rhythm game, and aims to use gameplay elements common in both genres. The game has come a long way since the kickstarter demo in September:

  • Character creation
  • Playing music in taverns
  • Sleeping at inns
  • Purchasing equipment in shops
  • Travelling between cities
  • Duelling
  • Buffs from consumable items
  • Unique NPCs with individual daily routines
  • Loading custom songs


At the moment duelling, while functional, is slow and repetitive. It's aim is to replicate the classic turn based combat common in RPGs from the 90s, but with short lute solos instead of spells and attacks. While there is the option to duel any NPC (default 'R' key), only one that walks around outside each tavern will accept your duel. The next duelling update will make it:

  • Faster paced
  • Integrated into the story
  • More varied with different effects (sleep/confuse/weaken etc)
  • Fight alongside a party of allies
  • Challenge anyone that gives you a wrong look to a duel

Immediate Plans

As the main gameplay elements have been implemented, these are features of the direction I would like to take Lute Hero next:

  • Quests
  • A story that will drive the player across Luthar
  • Playing in each city will give you renown in that city - NPCs will treat you differently and you will be offered different opportunities as a famous bard
  • Complete controller support - Movement and interaction are currently functional but many menus are not
  • Android mobile port - the will be available on the Play store (free for those who own it on itch)
  • Further development of Kickstarter rewards

Thank you all so much for supporting Lute Hero!


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