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0.1.9b Update Summary
It's been a while so I thought I'd post this small update before some major ones coming soon (involving Android builds and changes to the save system). Features...
Current State of Lute Hero Development
As Lute Hero is nearing the end of it's beta stage, I want to give an overview of the state of development, how far it has come and what is planned for the futu...
0.1.8b Update Summary
Features Speak to an innkeeper to rent a room to skip time (can no longer be done in npc owned beds) Stairs slow the player as they move up and down them Fixes...
0.1.7b Update Summary
Features Notification pops up when the player reaches a particular note streak (10, 20 100 and so on) Crowd response: an indicator above the fretboard shows how...
0.1.6b Update Summary
Features Signs above important buildings Windows give off light at night (windmill vanes will block the light of the windows they pass) Forfeit duel button Fixe...
0.1.5b Update Summary
Features The practice duellist outside each tavern patrols the area instead of standing still Added new experimental fretboard input method (QWERT to select str...
0.1.4b Update Summary
Features Window sprites change depending on whether is it day or night Fixes Fixed bug where character creation wasn't updating properly Fixed position of sever...